When it comes to relaxing entertainment in the Sunshine State, there’s no better option than a swimming pool. As time goes by, however, your pool will begin to show its age with noticeable visual keys such as cracks, fading finishes, and even some outdated styles. If you have all or any of these three noticeable aging issues, the time might come for you to remodel your pool. If you’re looking to do so, here are a few things to consider when it comes to keeping your pool in tip-top condition.

Safety Features

Features such as ladders, railings, or even pool fences can help keep children safe. Pool safety nets and covers can also provide a safe, secure barrier for your pool so that children can’t fall through.


Looking to enhance the beauty of your pool as well as add extra ambiance to it?  Pool lighting can do just the trick. Lighting is extremely important for safety, and it’s a huge consideration when you’re entertaining. If any of your family or friends like to swim at night, lighting will boost the visibility, keeping swimmers safe in and out of the pool. While a seemingly small investment in terms of remodeling, your pool’s value will be significantly boosted if you decide to sell your home one day.


Depending on the finish and how well water chemistry has been maintained, a pool’s surface needs to be replaced about every five to twenty years. That’s why one of the most significant maintenance tasks is resurfacing your pool. Resurfacing the pool doesn’t affect the shell of the pool, it only replaces the finish layer.

The costs of resurfacing a pool can significantly vary depending on interior finish, pool size, area of pool and more. The type of pool you have will also determine the exact method used for resurfacing. A frequent method involves chipping out damaged material, adding a new finish and acid-washing the pool.

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