Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen & Bars

Enhance your outdoor living experience with a stunning outdoor kitchen and bar designed by Broward Landscape. Our expert team will bring your vision to life using our state-of-the-art computer-aided design program, ensuring a customized project that exceeds your expectations. Utilize your backyard as an extension of your home, where functionality, practicality, and aesthetic appeal come together to create the perfect outdoor oasis for your family.

Discover the Ideal Spot for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Finding the perfect location for your outdoor kitchen is essential. Whether it’s a BBQ area seamlessly integrated off the back of your house or a freestanding unit by the pool, our experienced team will help you identify the optimal spot for your outdoor culinary haven. Perhaps you have a grotto or a covered lanai that could be transformed into an inviting space. Let us guide you toward the ideal location for your outdoor kitchen.

Four Compelling Reasons to Connect Your Outdoor Kitchen to the House

1.) Safety and Convenience: Connecting your outdoor kitchen to the house provides a natural, safe zone, protecting your appliances from wind and sun exposure. It allows for easy extension of a roof overhang, an attached pergola, or other overhead structures like sun shades.

2.) Cost-Effective: If you have budget considerations, locating your outdoor kitchen closer to the house is the most cost-effective option. It minimizes the requirements for running water, power, and flooring to the unit.

3.) Seamless Integration: A kitchen in close proximity to your house allows for convenient utilization of indoor cooking components, ensuring a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor culinary experiences.

4.) Enhanced Aesthetics: When your kitchen is connected to the structure of your house, you have the opportunity to elevate its appearance by adding lighting, ledge stone accents, exquisite granite countertops, and more. This creates a cohesive presentation, giving the impression that the cooking unit was custom-built as an extension of your home.

No matter where you choose to place your outdoor kitchen, it’s essential to plan for adequate coverage from the South Florida sun and rain. If you plan to install it on an existing deck, we can reinforce the structure to support the weight of heavy grilling equipment. Consider providing a covered top to the BBQ area, such as a stylish Tiki Hut, a functional Sun Shade, or an elegant pergola that offers shade and comfort while you cook.

Four Reasons to Place Your Outdoor Kitchen “Far” Away from the House

1. Destination Appeal: Installing your outdoor kitchen by the pool or in the backyard creates a captivating outdoor destination, perfect for entertaining and relaxation.

2. Smoke-Free Home: If you enjoy charcoal grills or smoking meat, locating your outdoor kitchen away from doors and windows prevents smoke from entering your home, ensuring a pleasant cooking experience.

3. Adult Retreat: To create a dedicated adult space, you can incorporate a sitting bar into your cooking station, providing a sophisticated setting for socializing.

4. Theme Transformation: If you wish to change themes and add a Tiki Style or Florida Keys-inspired cooking area to your contemporary home, moving the unit to a space disconnected from the house offers the ideal solution.

Deep property or pool locations work exceptionally well, particularly when planning a fully developed outdoor space that eliminates the need for indoor kitchen usage. Consider incorporating practical elements such as trash bins, compactors, utensil storage, and cooking tools within your outdoor kitchen setup. A sink will prove invaluable, eliminating the need to run inside for handwashing or food prep. Elevate your outdoor BBQ experience with creature comforts like ice machines, wine coolers, refrigerators, microwaves, and even fountain soda machines. Whether you prefer concrete block, stone veneer, tile, or alternative man-made structures, Broward Landscape is here to cater to your